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I often drink until I hit the floor
God bless my favorite all night liquor store
Of course, I'll sober up when I'm asleep
So, I may then start counting drunken sheep.
To boldly swig a shot to meet the day
'cause without that drink
I cannot run and hide
It helps to shoo away them feet of clay
When those massive wind storms hit
and them other worlds collide
Do you now know why I need to take that drink
I just can't seem to stand
nor understand the evening news
I hide my dearest friends
under my sink
Mr. Johnny Walker Red
and his kissin' cousin Lady Label Blue
To sober up could only make me sick.
So, bartender pour me another drink
and make it quick
If I could only rob a liquor store
then I could drink and drink
 a little more
If everyone could only drink like us
to drink and drive would never be illegal
Wouldn't have to park our cars
run  to catch a  bus
We'd fly sky high
just like a Golden Eagle
I often dream until I hit the floor
God bless my favorite all night dreamin' store
So, have a drink
and a dream
it's on me.
Buddy Bee...

All rights reserved as is by Author

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Drink A Little Dream On Me



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