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He conjured a world whose moon was quite square
And the ko-ko-ko bird grew long burnished blonde hair
That rippled and shimmered and shone in the sun
As each bird set off on its world circling daily run
Over the mountains to shores of each pearly sea
Through swaying groves of the world singing tree
That sang healing rhythms and respectful tunes
To the benevolent face of the smiling square moon

He conjured a sky of the deepest deep azure blue
Soft white clouds that shifted and drifted on through
And each day at fixed times of the planetary clock
Each fleecy whiter white cloud would slowly unlock
To pour gently refreshing life giving warm rains
Over the fecund teeming grass waving world plains
Where the ko-ko-ko birds keep their egg bearing nest
Each subtly lined and placed just away from the rest

And he conjured a garden with its Adam and Eve
And he fervently hoped and he dared to believe
That this time maybe they would stay innocent and free
From fruit of the maybe destroying wild knowledge tree
And he watched his new world as a new day begun
Under the light of a gently pulsing square sun
He watched with a sigh then went on his eternal way
The latest work finished before resting seventh day

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