Tattoos in Mayberry

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They say Whiskey's a poor man's woman
Cash money, a rich man's wine
But, I'm goin downtown to Mary's Kitchen
to see what I might find
I'll eat tators
with Li'l Jimmy
soothe Jackie's troubled mind
See, it eases my pain
strollin' down the lane
to Mary's Kitchen
where it's fine
to be 'a' bitchin 'bout that woman 'o' yours
used to be mine

Now,I ain't too much for baseball
and boxin' makes me flinch
There's plenty of cake and doughnuts
maybe a five dollar cinch
And, they're off at Mary's Kitchen
win, show, or place
Where the best you can do
is fall out of the race
Now, if work's too much much fuss
then you are like me
I'll hear your story Gus
minus the fee
Don't cause me no damage
not even a smidgen
So, go cry
in your free coffee and cocoa
Three Fingered Sally,
forget her
she's loco
See you
at Mary's Kitchen

All rights reserved as is by Author
Buddy Bee Anthony

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