Life Dreams / Lucid Living (c) 2003

Mess Time (Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?)

Fragile, I cracked, collapsed

Into a screaming ocean of tears


My womb of sanity aborted, prolapsed,

I was borne through corridors marbled with fears


As broken and scattered

As the dog-strewn eggshells


I splintered, fell shattered

Lost in a maze of mind-hells


How long did I lie there, crumbled,

Flotsam & jetsam, pieces and bits


Awash on gray sands? Tried to rise, but I stumbled

Imploded, exploded helpless gasps, nothing fits



You helped clean the trash that covered the floor

But to you, your sad sister was on a far distant shore


"Wow! You're a mess!" was the best you could offer

Even cold comfort you just couldn't proffer


You just sat by, on the couch, adrift in your world

While your fellow lay sobbing, fetally curled


Helpless and hopeless, my threads all unraveled

Only  three feet between us, the road left untraveled

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Mess Time (Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?)

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