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In searching thru this big ol' world,
You sometimes have the chance,
To meet someone and see unfurled,
The chances for romance.

If you never take that risk,
Don't blame anyone else,
Take yourself by the wrist,
And act upon the impulse.

The worst that happens is you find,
That your feelings are not returned,
If your advances are declined,
Sometimes you do get burned.

What are a few blisters compared,
To what you may get in return,
Blisters heal after a while,
But unfulfilled hearts forever yearn.

If you listen to my words,
I cannot promise you,
That everything will turn out fine,
Only that there's a chance for two.

Sometimes a chance is all we need,
So take the bull by the horns,
Better to try than to let our hearts bleed,
And to live forever forlorn.

Copyright 2008 William M. Ward

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