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In the stillness of their minds  
they cry out...beating the silent walls,
    "I'm not an animal!!
      I'm not an animal!!"  
But they dare not speak out in a place
 where grown men cry like little boys
 when grown men are used like play toys            
while their pillows are forever soiled
            in this destiny...
  All they see is eternity            
"Everyday in this hole of a hell,
O Lord I pray my prayers prevail
  before my strength fail
          in this cell"
In the stillness of their minds  
   their hearts beat softly
  "I'm not an animal though    
  I'm treated worst...
At least a stray dog is free
but the sound of these chains  
  keep undermining me    
  I'm not an animal!!!
 Let me out I say...!"
And that's just the first few minutes  
        of the day  

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James  


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