Beautiful Disaster

His Rhythm

I was walking
Down a lonely road
And carrying with me
Quite a heavy load
And as the world around me
Continued to progress
I paid little mind
To my mounting stress
Like a dull drone in your ear
A constant buzz in your head
Heart keeping time
To the rhythm of the dead
And while looking down
And fumbling around
I met another on the road
Who helped me off the ground
The dull drone in my ear
seemed to have completely ceased
And that rhythm broke free
The tempo increased
My heart starting counting out
A whole new beat
It consumed my whole body
From my head to my feet
And this stranger
Who she thought would run
Stuck around
And had some fun
He taught her how to dance
Showed her how to groove
And when she fell on floor
He picked her up tried another move
She thanks him kindly
Thinking it was a one time thing
And tried to tune out the music
With the whistles and rings
But he kept showing up
And moving his feet
She kept trying to ignore him
But he was so sweet
She knew she was broken
And undoubtly so
She clutched on to her heart
Swearing to never let it go
It had been hurt before
And never again
She had already promised
And sworn off all men
But he kept showing up
Even after all she did
And offered a hand
Saying "I forgive ya, kid"
And the more and more
She danced with him
She learned that life is but
A dreamer's whim...
She can't live without that rhythm

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