Maria Guzvic

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 OH    MY    WORD!

Pinched faces that stare out of photographs
Celebrities looking a fright
Perhaps they were born that way really
Or had a trauma during the night

Aging scares them as it surely does some of us
No-one desires their face to resemble a well-used leather bag
Heavy pouches hung dreary under eye-lids
Suddenly every darn thing begins to sag

Nips and tucks seem to be the order of the day
Suck those wobbly bits right out of sight
If you are lucky you can order a bum lift
Feel like your rear end has excitedly taken flight

The gym and personal trainer are now redundant
A surgeon and his scalpel are on the Christmas card list
You might wake up after anaesthetic
Feeling like you spent a night getting twist!

I'm all for improvement and refinement
If money is no object then yippee, let's join in
Just don't overdo the procedures, I'm asking
Smile too much and fear ripping the skin

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