Conversations with Shehe

To Know Me

I can't tell if my body
Is like clothing
Or a car
But I long for you to know what inside me
With such intensity and ferocity
That I insert fingers beneath my ribcage
And pull apart the flesh
Like red velvet curtains
On a stage
To reveal the ancient roman temple
Of my imagination…
There is a goddess in here
And my fear of being rejected
By someone like you
Who doesn't really care
To begin with,
Isn't enough to scare me off
“I want you to know me.” I scream
shrill like a woman who's child
is in the burning building behind her
She, like me,
Is on the precipice between
self preservation
and preserving life…

Every interaction
Is like this
Whether we know
Or acknowledge it
Or not.

In every line we speak
In each subtext in our faces
Between protecting our own self image
Or our self esteem
Do we wish to be known
Or be hidden…

We may never know
If we know each other
Or what we think
You want to see
Do you know me?
Do you want anyone to know you.

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To Know Me

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