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Too Long Coming (a.k.a. Schizophrenic Final Commentary)

Two and fro
Come and go
Which ways
Will end my days?
Doomed to rhyme
It is sublime
The energy
The subtly
Fades away
It Echoes of the Hourglass

“Every time an actor chokes down a retort, its pent up energy is stored for some future brilliant performance.” – Manea

I'm angry that the brilliance
Of our culture
Is wasted on the architecture
Of the unimaginitative
Glass square
In pursuit of something
Which will never outlive
Its accumulator.
Modern architects
Have learned nothing
From the ruins
Of Rome.

“Anticipation is such delicious decadence.” – Manea

I'm blissfully post orgasmic
So everything tastes brilliant
And my cheeks hurt
From being high
Off the love of the Gods.

“So much done, so much to do, I wonder what's to come.” –Ben

Fleeting forums for learning
Are my primary lover
And mortals
Mere props
For the Gods
Of my heart.
How can a single soul
Be everywhere my lover is?
Humans can only
Occupy a single space, but
Higher learning is everywhere.

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Too Long Coming (a.k.a. Schizophrenic Final Commentary)

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