Conversations with Shehe

Really Acting

Journal about how life
Relates to acting?
How can any breath I take not?
Each thought is like rich
Mousse melting in my mouth
As my lover takes
My cream off her fingers
And kisses me
Driving my passions
into a frenzy.

How can I keep track
Of the intense beauty
Of each moment and revelation?

Poetry my beloved

So lover
Listener of my rhyme
Come with me in orgasmic time
And leave your ideas
Of limits of love at the theater's door
Step into the black box
And the velvet parts
To reveal more
More of you
And of me
And we will be as
A family of lovers
Inside its theatrical embrace

So I stuff the anger
And the rage
To save it for some future performance
Where I need a fury
From deep inside,
And the hurt you dealt me
Can be some characters pain
And all the while
It will actually be mine
And no one needs to know,
Truth and beauty will
Mix in the darkened
Spotlight of your attention.

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Really Acting

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