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I've looked up and down the alley
I have searched for you in school
I have poked around them barrooms
playin cards and shootin pool
Can't you see I'm not the Devil
I ain't hurtin anyone
Though I can't say why
the love I've taken's been stolen on the run
I will search now and forever,
even write your name in bloo
I'm just doin what I gotta do
to find you Sugar Love
If  love's up around the corner
lyin just around the bend
I'll keep waitin on tomorrow
when today will never end

Could it be you're some woman/child
givin' misery a shove
I'm still doin what I gotta do
to find you
Sugar Love
I've tried followin your heartbeats
I've been searchin like a fool
I have sniffed around them backstreets
drivin truck and eatin gruel
if love's only for the lucky
then watch me push and shove
until that day
this good ole boy
he finds you
Sugar Love
All publishing rights reserved by authors
Vince Johnson & Buddy Bee Anthony

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Sugar Love



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