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James 5:7-8
There is no darkenness in the LORD my GOD he is perfect and forever more the creation He has made a little less than perfectly but some things he made to warm our hearts in spring are nearly formed as close to GOD he loves them all the dragonflies is one of those they meet all the requirements for our love.
Four wings so delicately made to fly. A faces only mothers could have loved. NO reason much to live except just to exist existence then is love. They fly and have ewe noticed them at night how they like to lite near open water near a waterfall ewe find them mostly brown but there aer read ones and some blue ones and some good ones no they are only good ones and they spy on lovers in the night
One heart lonesome thinking of her man one heart yearning to be a man they find each other in the dragon fly again. Water drowns a man he wants to swim into the underwater dragonfly the lair of all the mermaid wishes she is there oh mye Ianthe. You are terribly adorable! mon ange.
Soon the dragonflies will come back again
L()()K at this it seems that love has blinded her to mye reality she waits and searches for our love amid the gleaming pearls of water searching for the wings the spotted owl no the raven quoted no the flying serpent there no it is the yellow tail the golden flyer there the portent of mye heart turned into love.

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