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 14Jehovah Witness

Jehovah Witness
Jehovah Witness
this is a picture of an actual Kingdom Hall
Fighting Jesus
Jehovah Witness
Fable Fourteenth
 Judgment Call
Ode to Edgar A Poe
Ode to be remembered with three red roses and a half a blanc of wine the certainty of summer in Ravenswood combines with sultry summer pines and odors of the firmament decay to play a mournful tune of odious deliverance. How can such playful creatures of this life become so dark at night time coming to the Earth to preach a GOD of everyone of Earth to say this world is pleasant when poor Edgar knoes it's not? He never seems to want for sympathy a poor man's plot is seldom visited the visitor is not out a lot the roses at three p the half a magnum drank he stank he must say some words at grave like Quote the Raven Eleanor never more have a drink old plank would anyone come and leave a half of soda and three small purple flowers on my grave? But reminisce about the meeting done they grabbed me by both arms but not before my head was pressed against the glass of double doors and tossed hurriedly away outside don't listen to the homeless one he stinks he sleeps in clothes unwashed how can anyone like that can knoe his GOD? Then eye turned a swollen eye upon the meeting place and did a little dance a little prancing just in place and cried Jesus hallelujah yes they threw me out of judgment hall please bless the place eye dance. Poor Edgar cannot prance. CharlaX loves his stance. Half a soda and three purple flowers every Easter on a poor place to stay someone reading this may do so to remember me this poet needs to be.

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