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Mental Telepathy
Apathetic CharlaX
Wood yew like to have a super power like mental telepathy
then rally hear what people think
when they stare at you
and understand just what they think of you?
Like the movie liar liar with Carey? He looked so calm and said you really look like the dog today? Or something to that affect? WAIT this brings up another point eye need to make.
c.1300, from O.Fr. fable, from L. fabula "story, play, fable," lit. "that which is told," from fari "speak, tell," from PIE base *bha- "speak" (see fame). Sense of "animal story" comes from Aesop. In modern folklore terms, defined as "a short, comic tale making a moral point about human nature, usually through animal characters behaving in human ways." Most trace to Greece or India.
The story that eye make is sometimes loosely based on a real life scenario a fate of people just like ewe and eye.
The Animal in my Fabels is of course the Charlax creature and alien from a distant star system not attuned to the physical much in the manner of Michael Valentine. My Fables are just stories not ever about animals just Fabels notice the different spelling the e is transported to mean a different sort of story. Most of my fables is suitable for children although they are not written JUST and ONLY for the tykes they can be read and digested by most humans online.
If little Johnny Sue is less than FIVE years young than mabe you need to filter all the charlax from the line and consider placing the computer a little higher on the vine. Most children precocious notwithstanding can move a mouse with easy strokes and games build smurffing skills well used in later life. There was a science fiction story the naked man stood on the platform and tried to transport hisself by kinetic transference of his energy he went to lots of different places only he had to get there naked his clothes would not make the jump. Think about it like the movies eye suppose they even used it in the Terminator ones. Common man and common sense can make the same mistaken thinking try this one on for size if someone stares at yew for very long without a word in your direction and they are frowning or even sneering it's a good bet the brain has a dialogue of one like this one "Oh GOD look at that man he must be homeless he looks so bad like unwashed glasses."
If they reach behind the back look out they may be trying to pull the cell phone out. They may call the police and this is the imagined conversation "Oh please come and arrest this man he is impersonating a person" and this is the patrolman on his responsive suggestion "What WHO IS THIS where are you?"  While the homeless man eats sardines with sail fins on them and crackers come unbidden to his fingers than the sailfish eaten carry him to Heaven. The cop just hangs up his phone on his belt and laughs he says to his friend and partner for life we do not arrest a man just for living. It's not a crime to eat sardines in my jurisdiction.
Eye am only riding on the bus or walking eye do not like to transport naked in the winter time. For Fish is better eaten with pepper and it is too far to walk to Burger King on this given day.
Thank GOD for Peter Piper the eye just picked a pepper that they provided for a pizza and made a meal of battered fishes better.
SCORE one for me and NONE for BOZO.

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