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Eye finally got to talk to JIM Carrey today and he told me why he cannot read my poetry. He explained it like a man. There is too many fans. There is too many emails. “Eye “MISTER Carrey to yew” make filters for my fan club messages the porn is the first one.” Okay my gentile reader ewe begin to see now eh? Where this one is going?
JCFC(jimcarreyfanclub)Filter One : NO PORN.
Oh why oh woe is me eye wanted JIM to read the mee? Oh pain now from headache and anxiety Your email address has NOT been verified. Please click 'Click to verify' next to your email address below or change your email address to a valid one.
Oh why cannot we just have his home address a house boat eye suppose in some woman's swimming place? Eye was a CIA spook before eye got religion the love replaces hate so now eye want just to relate to all the STARS in Hollywooded glens and pools of swimming fans. Eye had a picture ready to download to the fanclub when the email did not come eye lost all hope that HE was really there and sure enough it was a band called Carrey Band. This is just a fanclub not Jim Carrey. AND that is how this FABEL was just born.
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Charles Hice
 Number 23

Number 23
  Waiting in a line for food.
Am I in a prison or a diner.
Drinking soda and now water.
I am sitting in a recliner,
wishing that i could get up and
jump into the sink,
to drink a pail of water.
I am just a want too.
I am full of meat.
Waiting in a line for food.
Wanting bread but eating meat.
A poor man and his daughter.
I am number twenty three.

Charles Hice
Actual Trailer to the movie this is my tribute JIM Carrey please email me.
IMPORTANT: Please click on the link below to verify this email address:
OH forever JOY the RIDDLER is mine at last.
Charles Hice

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need to activate it before you can log in. You will receive another
email when this has occurred. Oh JOYOUS BLISS.
JIM Carrey is almost mine again.? No do not go there eye meant in a FAN CLUB NORMAL way?
Do not SHOOT Bruce Wayne or He won't LEARN nothin'.

Quote the RIDDLER make a play try to find a fan club today but realize important people pay lawyers and secretaries plenty beans to filter out messages like these. No PORN eye understand but POEMS listen to the band and emails need to be on hand for all celebrites. Just now eye found out that eye did not make another poem with the CARREY as the central focus but dear ewe reader will agree the Number 23 was made BEFORE the movie.
What DE JE VUE for ewe.

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