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PLP is in placement for the CharlaXFables use words like real definitions and twists some to spell the differences that come from a lower life form from education given eye have been neglected eye would have rally died if Superman were real and he had ever hated mee. The superfluous superfluous [suˈpəːfluəs] adjective
extra; beyond what is needed or wanted
 Words used to make the CharlaXFables aer so spurious Main Entry: spu•ri•ous
Pronunciation: 'spyur-E-&s
Function: adjective
: simulating a symptom or condition without being pathologically or morphologically genuine    as to be furious

1.           marked by extreme and violent energy; "a ferocious beating"; "fierce fighting"; "a furious battle" [syn: ferocious].

Ewe it is her who loves me sometimes eye misspell words purposefully to fit a poem to make the poems bleed to make a poem fit the back of my poetical license plate intended to make the people come back to poem place again to find
a poetical license plate is so effective a thing as to be voicechaffed by the leading artistes of the many poem forums butt they will die out and be buried in the end of time with all the others in the pages turned from white to yellow in the sun the poetic license plate is still intact
if they hated me they would not leave my picture up for a link at all the websites a poet eye become the world can never hate a poet just to be the new one, just to be the pure one. Just because of one; she loves me.
A poetress; she aches to rhyme with me, a forgotten homeless in the corridor of time. He was clearly in the wrong whomever who whoever whom forgive the leper forgive the leaper forgive the reaper from thy mercy seated.
The haunting of the son of someone called the enemy dead dead but not forgotten the haunting memory the face seen every now and then on every wooden fence “Please Father John Please preach about something else this time” said the congregation to rule the poetry page to come back to image land to actually be a picture once again to make the poem bleed a compilation of my poems ewe can ewe tell just what this complication is? A complicated mess eye must confess it looks so much better to the eye than to the ewe she must rally love me very many to put up with reading all mye plenty. Karma can come at any moment of time
The love that ewe want is sublime
Words aer just poets bullets in time
The Charlax is famous again all the time
Rhyming the places we have already been
Making mye destiny into only my friend
a perfect gnome a self important man so far from home a place in time already gone so all alone and hurt the day will come when attitude will win and all the people lose there hate and poets win and a perfect poet rides the wind and the blanket gets so wet at times and the life spills out when love arrives. AH HA he cried a perfect poet is the plan a perfect poem is a different thing.

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