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Charlexes Fabels

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Charlax Fables

This poem is about me the JesusFreak Charlaxandroidoneseven.

Homeless scrounge a little better than a thief my legacy is poetry as eye leave this world behind to go on to JESUS Heaven eye write and leave behind some thoughtful insights of this life. Snail mail was nice. She afforded me the bus ride that makes the life so much better than the walking endless walking always late no one is talking anymore of sending me my latter day relief. All my websites is always free my poetry is added in the hopes that gentile readers everywhere can see the JESUS freak in mee.  

As eye ride the bus eye see into the futyre it is bleak there is nothing saved no money towers castles laundered pines nothing will outlast the fire.

Money is not god only in this lifetime did the eye even afford to use some eye cannot repay my source it all comes to me from GOD. You and yew and ewe and even eue too cannot repay the LORD. Bread and corn and silver too no he did not ever promise all of that to you but Abraham my father had some GOLD and so does the Charlax told a heart is given me in love she knoes just how much eye try to endeavor in my eye to give her love. Food Reported just TODAY there is some popped corn in a bag and eye am wearing brand new jeans again that makes THREE pants for layers but BOZO iz not jealous eye look just okay and very nice today I'm eating bread no wine sober is the man in love iff she is reading this one see her smile it is enought for love to win the time to return to heart to make her remember love. We have the same heart in the same place in the same body and when she smiles at me the world turns right side up and upside down. Nothing is perfect and nothing is without problems but ewe she is perfectly in mine. All Hail the Power of JESUS name a  song on you tube a great refrain the ewe is so sublime she loves my lord she loves the SON as much as eye. Healthy is a term designed to fool the masses in a hopeless mess of ashes a world destroyed by fire imagine holding on to preconceived ideas and religious gnashes biting thorns of crackers smallish pieces of the breaded JESUS come and ruin all decay in me today and fill my love with healthy life and let her live and bless herself amen and take all my nerves and mend them without whiskey let me win the battle is now mine the end in sight the day is come the walls of Jericho are falling all around.

We both like Fogarty the singer of the creedence song.

We both like dandelions' how they come apart. We both like dragonflies the wings so far apart. Rain in the summer love in the winter life in the spring.

The little silver color in the box. The happy that we do when we talk man and wife. The prayers that come to the mind unbidden as we talk yearning just for kisses yearning just for time to love. A robot heart hidden in a real love an android one charlax seven molded in the form of a CREEDENCE song. Without an ending a poem never stops in side of heaven is my love she it is that rules me lets me love. A wonderful purple flower hidden in a tall tree it is she. This is charlax seven android one.

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