Tattoos in Mayberry

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One bird song
 hungry for their mother.
One bird song,
seeks shelter on the docks
One bird song
is warring on their brothers 
And one bird song
is beating all the clocks

One bird song
pledged loyalist devotion
One bird song
is praying to their rock
One bird song
is poetry in motion
And one bird song
is preachin' to the flock

One bird song
so meek hurt,and tired
One bird song
all fake giddy and aglow
One bird song
flip-floppin' in the mire
One bird song
flat nothin' left to show

One bird song
found their message in a bottle
One bird song
casts wishes to the skies
One bird song sells a 
real good, true story
I can feel and  'bout hear it
just by looking in their eyes

One bird song
high primpin' on a wire
One Bird song
swoops low to make their kill
One bird song
tried puttin' out the fire
One bird song
you know, their confidence been stilled

One bird song
singin' for their supper
One bird song
makes sweet love to the land
One bird song
day trippin' on a storm cloud
to flood, cleanse
cool, new water colors
on white sands

One bird song 
reaches' 'round the Ocean
One bird song '
sails the seven Seas
One bird song
is caught up in an emotion
One bird song
sings  sweetly back to me.

Give me one sweet
yummy treat
toute suite
eagle, seagull
bird song,
for the open dusty road
for old times,
old times...
And don't forget to save the hippies from extinction.
screamin' to fly outta you.,
metal heads, head bangers,
outlaws, Hells Angels, freaks, dreamers, gutter punks
gypsy jokers, heavy smokers
brown, black, pink,  panthers,
cross dressers,sic boys, hot momma's too,
Everybody built these cities
you know it's true.
when are you.
Free To love.
Free To love.
Like a loving, love in, lovey dove.

One bird song out lookin' for the Ocean
One bird song
out searchin' for the Sea
One bird song is causing all commotion
one bird song waits patiently for me
Don't forget to save the hippes
from extinction screamin' to fly outta
me and you.
when we're shakin
and we're bakin'
and we're cryin'
almost dyin'
in a vat of the fat cat stew...
Cuz, they're gunnin for you too
they got a slick new crew
It's a witches brew.
Don't get their goo on me 
don't get any of their gunk on you.
Don't do what them fat cats do
and you won't get their fat cat flu.
So, when are you
free to love
free to love
free to love...

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Buddy Bee Anthony

& Melissa A. Howells

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Bird Song (Free To Love).