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Murder is an art form abused by those critters in a hurry to perform a judgement call and then scurry off on horses to hide from the real law.
There is some western hearoes who still hate the Negroes and do not have them on the list of living beings in their repertoire of Johnny law. The rope is tied in the noose with thirteen winds some say a wind for every step up the gallows planks thirteen of them to give the thief a long time to prepare for Hell. We will stretch his neck we will hang him high we will send him on his journey to the sky they hammer on the gallows while the thief he sits in cell and cries uncertain of his future after that and eye suppose there should have been a preacher in all those western movies to come in and comfort them the brothers waiting there. In desert news in otherworldly tensions there is many promises given of conciliations taken from the left hand and given to the behind the back and then back to the right this is called the we will do this for you and then no of course we do not want to do this not at all syndrome. Also eye have noticed on this internet the use of ads is popping up increasing tension in the viewer designing limits on the use of money is the income of a prisoner soon increasing is the wealth of money belts investing blooming idiots are stealing more to pay for kitchen hardware and the laptops on the floor of the living room with HDTTV the SuperBowling friends were over just now Johnny Law was at the door way saying hey and did you let them in no you just slammed the slamming door way in the faces of the lawmen.
  charlax valentine, here is a copy of the HiCard you
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The condemned man walked up the steps to the thirteenth story.
Rope is sometimes frayed in the movies the rope breaks the thief falls to the grounded mound and jumps the saddle rides away into the night on horseback getting bullets in his gun by magic on the run then fighting back.
The Hangging Judge in Fort Smith scared me so badly eye can never hold a gun in my left handed again. Besides the neck does not look good when rope is tied so tightly in the nooses neck. The Arizona Kid hung up his spurs the day the tree split into crosses from the lightning bolt surmising that his LORD was not well pleased with him that day the Sherriff made his play. The day was almost over the length of shadows added to the horror the suicided failure as eye kicked the step away from the very air eye breathed only to discover that the rope that eye had lengthened only added more to links already there until
my feet quite reached the floor and the suicide was haltered when the noose quite simply hit the floor. Yes eye commited suicide yet now eye am still quite alive and living in my love. Eye have uncovered the secret of the screen the gamma rays are there in the background when they are lessoned the blue turns dark there is a control eye found marked cool. The computer hurts my lidded brow much less now. Blackstone's characterization of property rights as "sole and despotic dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in total exclusion of the right of any other individual in the universe," the exercise of this fabel is now exercised for ewe she owns the poems too.
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Look at this last line gentile reader a glitch most certainly or just a mistranslation it must be why the eye is still alive and the rope just did not hang me. The Law of Blackstone is now the one of Livingstone eye presume.

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