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Pit of Despair

Right here your heart bleeds
   down in the dark valley
where angels and devils are conceived
when you're locked in a dark fantasy
 where deep pressure try
to siphon away your sanity

Right here where innocent little angels fell,
  struck in eternity
Some call it heaven some call it hell
   when there's no other door
Where kindness becomes a stranger
and the rich becomes poor

Right then you know life is hard
 when you hear drug dealers on
  their knees praying
and the atheist cry out "O my God!"
because he's about to be swallowed
     by an overwhelming sea,
today the skies have so much energy

Right now reality, to you, is so real
looking for any kind of help,
hoping gentle eyes will help pay bills
   when your money is low
and your check's not right,
 your little angel down the street
         trying to fight
Your soul screams out life's not fair...
   You're in the pit of despair,
    It caresses your face...
     It braids your hair...

copyright 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Pit of Despair