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Old baggage


The old worn bag stands in the corner of the small room waiting to be picked up and taken once again.  
The time worn leather showing its age with the camel brown color several shades lighter from the years and caressing of hands from person to person along the many journeys.
The strong silver buckle not quite as shiny as in younger years keeps the contents safe and in secret until the clasp is undone and the contents are pulled from the bag's soft inner folds they can be reviewed once again.
Old thoughts, stories, dreams, doubts and desires that were once so important brought out to the light and played upon the heart and mind all over in the present.
Worn with strain the old bag waits ready to be once again carried along as extra baggage with all its secrets from the past.  Wanting to be apart of the future not left behind and forgotten.  The only impact upon the future will be those lessons learned from the guarded memories.
A new bag appears in the small room not in the corner but out in the room.  It is clean and shiny ready for the journey.  Absent are stickers adhered to the leather from travels around the world. The inside smells of new leather fresh without the old paper smell and dust.
New pens and paper to write upon wait within the holders on the side ready to make new memories.
Abandoned and tired sits the old worn faded brown bag slumped in the corner of the small dim room.  
The new bag is carried out of the room. No extra baggage with this journey only eagerness to hold new memories.

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Old baggage