Tattoos in Mayberry

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Caught that flight from Cincinnati
on down to Tallahassee,
to soak you up a li'l bit 'o' Sun.
Now, my minutes feel like hours,
it's been drainin' all my powers.
Waitin on my Honey Bun.
I'm out here waitin'
 patiently a waitin'
I'm waitin' on your tide to turn.
 Now your plane it is a landin'
and my heart is barely standin'
I'm here waitin' on your tide to turn.
Since you up and went away
I count each and every day
waitin on my Sugar Plum.
With your dynaminte figure
Damn girl really pull that trigger.
You're  way too much fun
That's why
I'm waitin
I'm faithfully awatiin'
I'm all in waitin'  on your tide to turn...
What chu waitin on
what chu waitin on
aren't you waitin on your tide to turn.
2021 it's past Spring
The Pope resigned.
it's the end of the world.
Let me as God make all  your little dreams
to come true.
I can see you're waitin.
i can  sense you're waitin.
I  can feel you're waitin on
your tide to turn.
Not waitin on the flop
Or hangin' out at the river
We're out here waitin' on the turn.
I wanna ride your silver bird,
free fallin' from blue skies,
not suckin' hard on Rum and Smoke
at this do drop gettin' by and bye.
That's why I'm waitin,
I'm faithfully a' waitin
I''m waitin on that tide to turn
I'm waitin' and I'm gone
on odds of slim and none
I' m waitin on that card, that
roll of the dice that pretty head to turn.
i'm anxiously, a' waitin' on the tide to turn....

Buddy Bee Anthony

All rights reserved as is by author

Buddy Bee Anthony

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