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Down in the Mystical Garden

Down in the mystical garden late at night
"You have paradise," Satan said,
 "But where are your rights?
Everything is beautiful....
  as far as the eyes can see
  You almost have everything
 but you don't have this tree
Freedom is not freedom if you
  don't have a choice"
He whispered softly in her ear
  to drown out God's voice
  He smiled to himself
when he saw the glow in her eyes
  She took a bite with the man
 and they swallow Satan's lies
It was pleasant to the eyes
and sweet to the taste
  O if they only knew
 the hell they must face
 They dreamed of being Gods
and their pride begin to swell
but the food hit them hard
 just before they fell
  What a sad sight
among the beautiful trees
They discovered they were naked
so they gathered up some leaves
They were so scared they didn't know what to do
So they blamed one another and the snake too
Down in the mystical garden late at night
What started as a beautiful evening
  turned into a ugly fight
Everything would have been fine
if they never would have touched that tree
Now I must go through this life
  fighting the sin in me
Why when it's time to choose between
      right and wrong
we're so willing to disobey?
If you eat from the fruit of that tree
those seeds going to make you pay

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Down in the Mystical Garden