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 Part Two The Apostles

Part Two The Apostles

ThirtyNine Part Two



7. Matthew - speared to death

Legend differs as to whether he died a martyr's death. It seems to be the consensus of many that Matthew met his fate in Ethiopia a land of many various and colored ignorances of GOD. Impaled he was transformed from man to GOD. For when a man leaves the earthly realm to be with Jesus he is indeed a small part of GOD. The spear has a sided blade wider at the bottom culminating to a point very narrow at the tip. Eye have included a picture of this spear and again eye believe he was thrust much the same manner as his LORD in his side. A little below the ribs but above the belly perhaps even piercing the stomach lining and producing the water and the blood.

8. Peter - crucifed upside down
Peter was martyred (crucified upside down on a cross) for the Faith in the year 64 in Rome, the city he served as its first bishop. His successors in that office, who exercise the ministry of Bishop of Rome to this day, are given a primacy of honor and jurisdiction among all the world's bishops and are known by the familiar title of "Pope." St. Peter's feasts are June 29th (Saints Peter and Paul, our parish's patronal feast), and February 22nd (the feast of the primacy of St. Peter).

Eye can only imagine this as horrible but if one has to go there is no easy way at all and to HONOR his JESUS with a different stance is perhaps even understandable when we become partakers of Glory it is perhaps always revealed in suffering. Except for John on the isle of Patmos all of the Twelve Apostles were killed in some manner of execution.

9. Philip – crucified

 The Apostle Philip

Philip was corrected by Christ when he asked Christ to "show us the Father, then this will be enough for us". Christ responded, "Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, ‘Show us the Father ‘?". Philip later saw the glory of Christ after the resurrection and undoubtedly reflected with amazement on Christ's response to his request. Philip evangelized in Phrygia where hostile Jews had him tortured and then crucified.

Date of Martyrdom: 54 A.D.

On AD 54 on the first day of the month Philip was carried to the torture and placed on a cross he was already dead except for the Jesus inside him the reason it is so hard to kill a Christian is that they were made to live and life will be replaced and they will live again forever with HIM who made them. AMEN.

10. Simon – crucified

The most widespread tradition is that after evangelizing in EgYpt, he joined Jude in Iran and Greece, where both were martyred. This version is the one found in the Legend.

Later traditions expand on an independent personality for Simon and speculate about his fate. One tradition states that he travelled in the Middle East and Africa. Christians in Ethiopia claim that he was crucified in Good Samaria, while an author writes that he was sawn in half at Iran. However, Another author writes that he was martyred at Iberia. Tradition also claims he died peacefully at Edessa. Another tradition says he visited England-- possibly -- and was martyred in modern-day Briton. Another, doubtless inspired by his title "the Zealot", states that he was involved in a Jewish revolt against the Spartans, which was brutally suppressed. Sawn in half has me in visions of the TURBANED INFIEDEL waving the CURVED sword and sawing it back and forth in the wind to scare little boys.

A Samarian Crucifixion would be better of the idea and more to the probable causes of religion becoming hybrid ideas searching for compatible use in Christianity my GOD do you think that the SUNDAY church picnic at the Methodist will soon have a Cross for those that still say Jesus and the Lime and Lemon sucking crowd will feast on chicken pieces while my death pleases them a feast no doubt the fullness of the belly bringing them down upon the ground to ask forgiveness for the Charlax dislikes the cross as a means of escaping justice my head suffices.

11. Thomas - speared to death

The tradition among Christians in India is that Thomas was speared to death near Madras, and accordingly he is often pictured holding a spear. Paintings of martyrs often show them holding or accompanied by the instruments with which they were put to death. A recently discovered work called the Gospel of Thomas is a collection of sayings attributed to Jesus. I know of no scholarly support for the notion that it is the work of the Apostle Thomas, but some scholars think that some of the sayings in it may be authentic sayings of Jesus.


These things did Thomas hold for real:
  the warmth of blood, the chill of steel,
the grain of wood, the heft of stone,
  the last frail twitch of blood and bone.

His brittle certainties denied
  that one could live when one had died,
until his fingers read like Braille
  the markings of the spear and nail.

May we, O God, by grace believe
  and, in believing, still receive
the Christ who held His raw palms out
  and beckoned Thomas from his doubt.

ED.NOTE Charlax observation:

Spears swords crosses they lived in power and died in certain poverty

So sure that Heaven was the place of final resting.

12. Matthias - stoned to death

According to the legend, St. Matthias was assigned to preach in Judea.  He was tried before the High Priest and condemned to be stoned to death.  When this method miraculously failed, St. Matthias was killed with an axe.  Voragine (but not Caxton) reports a second legend in which St. Matthias preached in Macedonia and miraculously survived a poisoning.  In earlier works the episode of the poisoning is said to have occurred in "the country of the man-eaters."

In earlier accounts Paul was stoned and died and then the Church of GOD came around him and prayed the He rose and lived and preached again not risen from the dead as it were a tomb but risen from a stoning and seeming dead to them a death of stones from hitting him and this Matthias thow a different person a man much just the same as Paul and gentle reader can ewe quite imagine all the power in the stones to make a man fall down.




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