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Thirty Pieces of Eight
Charlax Fables
Judas Priest.

What eye remember. Thirty pieces of silver a sop dipped and handed to a robber a thief a scourge among men always wanting to handle the money and be the treasurer hoarding some for wine and special bits of food perhaps a fish now and then. Kisses given not on lipps for love but cheek to betray the love inside.  
The Biblical's Judas Iscariot
Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve original apostles of Jesus Christ, is believed to be the man who betrayed Jesus to the Romans. Judas Iscariot, as indicated in his last name, was born in Kerioth, a city of Judah, which uniquely places him as the only apostle who was not a Galilean.
Judas was in many ways distinguished from the other apostles, the most distinct being that he is never mentioned without reference to his betrayal. Never was he mentioned in accordance or in any circumstantial relation to miracles of the Apostles. Instead, his every mention in the New Testament is tied with betrayal and he is branded so well with his crime that his name has now become synonymous with backstabber or a friend who betrays another.
Some even believe that the name Judas is the Bible's attack towards Judaism because the English word "Jew" is derived from the Latin word "Judaeus" and many pieces of art depict Judas with stereotypical Jewish characteristics such as shorter stature and exaggerated nose, yet this theory is often played down. We readily accept this view as the proper one it may tell ewe something about the heart core of a man how dark we really are the Happy we can get when Justice comes to someone pales in the light of what HE did upon that Cross eye quail and cry alas no Judas Priest at last the end is near hang the Charlax on no tree but take the head its offered thee. Hangging is too good for them they rope them to the pommel and then drag them off the cliff to drop them in the rocks and cactus where someday soon they will be stayed themselves. No Cowboy rides so well to stay the saddle all his life he gets his in the end. Catholics beware of Golden Crosses Silver Crucifixes the early Christians stared at nothing looking only for the coming of the Heaven. Jesus coming back to claim the world HE made and fashioned. During the Last Supper when Jesus talks to His disciples of His imminent death, and gives them instructions for what to do afterwards, He reveals that He will be betrayed by one of them. They all deny it, and wonder who, and ask Jesus to reveal the traitor. Jesus hands a piece of bread to Judas which signifies that he is the one. He tells Judas to do what he is going to do quickly, but none of the other disciples understood. It is also suggested the at this point Satan enter Judas, although other accounts say Satan entered Judas before when he offered his services to the priests. Judas, knowing full well that Jesus knows what he's going to do, leaves and goes to the high priests.
The high priests and teachers of the law were looking for a way to bring Jesus into custody without upsetting the people, and Judas fell into their hands. He approached them, offered to help them get Jesus, and they in turn bribed him with thirty pieces of silver for his betrayal. Realizing it was a good time to turn Jesus in, he went to alert the priests and teachers. He led the temple guard to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was praying, and identified Him with a kiss, a predetermined sign. The soldiers seized Jesus and took Him away to the priests.

The poem was Forty in my line of fabels but it took the name of thirty in the twilight zoned.

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