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 Fabel30Part2 Forty

Fabel30Part2 Forty
Judas Priest
Charlax Fables
The Dark Side of the Force
The most recent development relating to Judas' role in the Bible and Christianity is the discovery of The Gospel of Judas in Beni Masah, Egypt. According to the narrations, the Gnostic scripts described the events of the crucifixion which states that Christ asked of Judas to turn Him into the Romans to complete His mission on Earth. This controversial finding may shed a different light on what truly happened in the most infamous betrayal in history.
Judas the Betrayer
Traditional biblical stories in the Gospels labeled Judas as the Betrayer. Click here to begin your journey to learn about Judas Iscariot according to the Holy Scriptures.
Judas the Chosen One
With the recent finding of the Gospel of Judas, could it be that Judas was the chosen one who had the courage and strength to betray. Click here to begin your journey to know Judas Iscariot according to the Gnostic scripts.
The Gnostic Scripts' Judas Iscariot
Charlax imagined conversation Jesus is speaking now to Judas "Old bean old bubby they are having a party they invited me to be the supper will you help me old duffer?"
There are two different accounts of what happened to Judas after his betrayal, but in both explanations he returns the money, overcome by guilt and remorse. He died by either hanging himself or falling down in a field, body burst, and bowels gushed out. If the authorities threw his body into the field after he hung himself, this could have been the result, thus both are accurate. The referred to field was supposedly bought with the thirty coins Judas received, either by Judas himself, or the authorities, and was later used for burying foreigners or strangers. Although not much is known about Judas' life, his one final act secured his place in history, and even to this day, his name is synonymous with betrayal and traitor. Kiss the cheek of someone whom yew think of as a traitor don't yew think of it as a Judas Kiss.
In ancient times, some of these alternative versions may have circulated more widely than the familiar four Gospels. "Most of the manuscripts, or at least fragments, from the second century that we have found are copies of other Christian books," says Bart Ehrman, professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina. A long-buried side of early Christianity is re-emerging much like the Charlax as a young man ignoring BIBLE and reading science fiction.
Shut not your doors to me proud libraries for that which was lacking on all your well filled shelves yet needed most eye bring Forth from the war emerging a book I have made the words of my book nothing the drift of it everything inverting the poetry now to read the religion version of Walt Whitman even the KING eats partridge and leeks from the field.

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