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The Chase

This is an allegorical poem representing temptation
of any kind.

Down in the wild jungle
   trying to survive
There were lions, tigers, and bears
 but she seemed more alive
There shimmering in beauty,
 surely paradise I found
Then she took me to the waters of life
where I almost drowned
 She said,
  "Life has its sorrows;
   Life has its treats,
but you can't really live life
   until you eat, Buttercup
 I tried to chase her down
but I just couldn't seem catch up
  Every step I made
She seemed to get farther away,
If you don't have the wind at your back
them steep hills going to make you pay
After running hard for a day or so
  I thought to myself,
She can't love me any more
but before I could finish my thoughts
 I heard a kissing sound...
  She asked,
"Do you want to play around?"
But before I could blink my eyes
 She took back to the skies
I thought life is too mysterious
and I don't want to play her games
I've been running all day long
and I still don't know her name
Her smile was so bright, beautiful, and wide
Then I heard a soft voice say, "Life is where I reside"
If you want to catch me you must move like the wind
She took my hand, moved closer and said my name is Sin
With fear in my eyes I tried to pull away,
  but she said,
"The sun is almost down...tonight we play!"

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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The Chase