Beautiful Disaster


A life bound in leather
Seemed so appealing
Golden script decorating
The exterior
Beautiful, yet still plain.  
And easily unnoticed
A clasp keeps closed
What one doesn't want exposed
And protects fragile pages
From weather and wear.  
Discouraging all those who
Want to know more
But those who press on
Find the fine print too fine
And they realize
That this life
Isn't worth the time
Some still continue
But they just don't understand
The complex jargon
They throw up there hands
And stop the search for meaning
In this life unknown
But yet others read
And comprehend
But they remain unspoken
Hidden away
They notice the red-lettered words
Those words that seem to speak of
How to live life
Honest and pure
Loyal and obedient
Compassionate and caring
It's a hope that one may read
The red letters and be inspired
To change
(But first the clasp must be opened,
And people must be allowed to read
Before they can be inspired)
However many judge the leather-bound
They treat them all the same
But in reality each one is different
Other translations
Original interpretations
Unique notes
And because of those differences
Each life is lived differently
A life bound in leather
Seemed so appealing.

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