Beautiful Disaster

Lost Cause

I sit under the trees in the children's park
Motionless, no where to go anyways
Needles and broken bottles tells stories
Stories of bitter souls going astray

The convenience of the tall grasses
And new wondering souls around
Hide my secrets and stories
From those that could save my soul from destruction

I'm too far gone to try and save me so
Walk out of my little world and
Don't try to fix my heart up or
You'll just be crushed, when I fail

You know Im just a puzzle shy a piece
And that piece has been missing a long  long time
There just no way you can put me together
And I just gotta be cool  with that

I can't be saved no more
But tell my brothers and sisters that I know
Tell them not to follow
Down the same damn road that I did

There isn't hope for me
But try and save those who are naive
Keep them innocent and clean cut
Not motionless, but off to see all.

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