Beautiful Disaster

Softball: MUMC Style

An old dusty diamond
Under bright stadium lights
Seems to come alive
On those early spring nights

They came from everywhere
Baptist, Methodist, and many others
To play some softball
Between Christian brothers

Our boys are pretty good
Although they only play for fun
Plus its entertaining
To watch my dad run

You'll hear Chuck yelling
“Come on, we want a win”
Or arguing with the umpire
“Hey!  That was in”

We have our power hitters
That smack the ball so hard
Its an instant home run
Catching the outfielders off guard

Some of the guys have never played
Others have played forever
But it's not always about skill
Sometimes it's about being clever

And then there are the fans
That come to every game
Loyally watching from the bleachers
But they are far from tame

They yell and scream
Cheer and shout
We're the loudest fans
I have no doubt

The games bring families together
Father and son play side by side
Moms, siblings, and many others
In the stands, as the beam with pride

There is always good sportsmanship
Hardly a foul word spoken
Win or lose, it doesn't matter
Spirits remain unbroken

We pray before the game
And afterwards too
Its good to praise God
In even the little things we do

The game, the fans, the players
Just playing a game for a while
That's softball
MUMC style

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