Beautiful Disaster

Getting Out of the Box

We think we know
All the possibilities
With our heels dug deep
In shifting sands
We've captured life's meaning
And locked in a box
And all that we know
Is all that there is
We cling tight to
Our own understanding
Pretending to ignore
Vigorous winds
Winds that can          
Change us
And forcefully unlock
Those secret boxes
And for many they
Will peer over the edge
And find that
Nothing is there
Because like a child
Trying to catch a cloud
Life's meaning won't
Be contained
And they will find that
The things they built
Their life on
Were not
Firm foundations
Some will realize
Their in shifting sands
Others will soon
Be lost forever
We've got to
Get out of our box
And stop living
As if there are limits
Step away
From the nay-sayers
We've got to
Open up the box
To new ideas
New possibilities
To understand that
There is no understanding
And embrace the ambiguity.

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