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King David's Gold, a story old,
made his pledge up high
on Golden Altar.
A bloody Sunday's sacrilege,
boy king's not gonna falter.

If not a sin against The One
on who's decree will bear
an order naming The Nameless One's,
Begotten Son, declare.

As ancient and Pagan shadowed Princes
brood hot in birthrightin waters
Their seeds released 
in the blood red earth
of God's forgotten daughters

 Boy King David bold
a story old,
made his pledge up high
on Golden altar
A bloody Sunday's sacrilege
boy king not gonna falter.

Now, a Jewess Queen
for love she fled.
While the Pope sports mass
armada's fed
Great God's begotten daughters bred
the finest cannon fodder

King David bold
a story old
made his pledge up high
on Golden Alter
A bloody Sunday's sacriledge
Boy King, he's gonna falter
Boy King,,he's gonna falter
Boy king sold everybody out.

Buddy Bee Anthony.
Re-edited 12/05/2023 @ 10:37  PM Pacific Standard Time

All editing and publishing rights reserved as is by this author

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King David Bold



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