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Charlax Fables
A Dragnet RippOFF

"SGT FrYdaY the man came in the office and eye told him to wait there is that right?"
"That's right Bill."
"Captain Gannon to you son."
 "The ink was red?" This was FrYdaY.
"The color was the same for blood. We think it was the Crops who done that." Gannon
 "Crips. Its Crips not crops." FrYdaY
 "Yeah. Yeah." Gannon
Frank Smith "it could have been the bloods it's the same thing ain't it the red ink supposed to look like blood see eh???"
Reminds me of the time Tillie my wife she spilled some black ink from the printer all over my?"  "What JOE what was that?"
" just the facts Frank Tillie is a fine woman."FrYdaY
THE MAN: "They came in two at a time."
"How's that" Frank said.
"Let me handle this one Frank,"FrYdaY
"What was that MAN?"
"Two Two at a time you said?"
"Just the facts ma'am"eye meant
OH SIR I'm sorry I'm so used to saying that on my investigations" FrYdaY Colored. "How do you knoe that" ma'am
Sorry sir did it again
Sorry" FrYdaY
This is not going so well let's start over.
Eye am Detective FrYdaY this is my partner Frank Smith.
The Captain is Bill Gannon my old Partner he carries a cannon.
"Really?"  This was the man wide awake now
FrYdaY "Yes really it's in the trunk of his patrol car the sign on the door says LAPD Captain it's a FORD."
Sometimes we drive down the boulevard and stick the cannon out the windows.
NO one seems to notice us
The MAN turned White and blanched.
"The printer ink was changed to red the Bloods were out of town we think it was the crips go around and round them up" This was Gannon to Frank and Joe.
Frank was talking now "Ain't they the ones with the blue bandanas and the tattoos of the Gay sailors?"
"Yeah Yeah that's it" FrYdaY said.
"The Bloods have red bandanas and tattoos of Gay Marines" Frank almost smiled.
Joe smiled it looked like a flat fish going south.
Frank and Bill both stopped at the door and smiled at Joe.
"You coming Joe?" they laughed in unison.
Episode One Printer Blood is over. Come back later for the results the finding of the Los Angeles courts. DUM DE DUM DUM.

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