Tattoos in Mayberry

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Raised amongst wolves,
a lamb who could lead.
Pecked ever so gently
by birds on land and by sea.
When you were conceived,
God's angels willed please,
they said,let this child be a legend.
Go on,run through the knights,
run through the hazy daze,
scuttle sometimes as rats
through this maze,
never bested.
How you've been tested,
not bested,
I've got eyes
I can see.

Take a bow to your legend.
An unstoppable dynasty.
Take a bow to your legend
,an unshakable destiny
Take a bow to your legend,
an irrepressible legacy
Take a bow to your legend
an incredible delicacy.
Whoever you are now,
where ever you might be.
Take a bow,
have another bow
it's on me.
to your legend
,love's legend,
loves testimony.
On legs large and strong,
of the mightiest steed.
Beneath sails firm and true,
aloft swirling jet stream.
Whatever you are now,
where ever you might be,
take a bow
have another bow 
it's free
To your legend
love's legend
Love's pageantry..

With the heart of a bear,
eye of a hawk,
nose of the hound,
be awake

and on ready
if ever a sound.
Like a jokester
,a beggar,
a soldier,
a brand who could lead,
you go for the kill
blend in with the trees.
Like a legend, love's legend,
love's magesty
With a yellow hot core,
burnin ever more and more
to be livin and dyin' free.
Like a legend, love's legend. Love's dynasty.
But, I don't think you could ever be
my magical mystery
That' why  I pity you
for sure, for sure
but, one time
won't you pity me
Cause,it's a pitiful epitome
Of what our dynasty
our legacy
our destiny
our testimony 
our delicacy could be
Take a bow to your legend
love's legend
A love legendary.

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Buddy Bee Anthony.

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