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Here we have Sam on the Left, Fred on the Right
And Charlie in the Middle

I know these are not liked in St.Ives
The place where the man has 7 wives,
They pinch the food right out of your hand
When you`re trying to eat on the sand.

Sheila and Alf driving home one night
Saw a seagull who couldn`t take flight,
The seagull was clearly in distress
They said they`d help it out of its mess.

So they took it to the local vet
And with heart breaking words they were met,
`Wring it`s neck! `cause its wing is broken`
A pact was made and no words spoken.

They took it home and it was their pet
There the other animals it met,
They all lived happily side by side
But this bird couldn`t fly if it tried.

Sheila and Alf said `Charlie` is his name
And if you called him to you he came,
`Dinner Charlie` and he`d run to you
And so their love for Charlie grew.

They lived together for 16 years
But sadly it all ended in tears,
Alf went out one night to put him to bed
But he found that poor Charlie was dead.

His broken wing had been his demise
He`d fallen in the pond and couldn`t rise
He couldn`t get back on to the ground
One wing wasn`t enough and so he drowned.

So, sadly they laid Charlie to rest
A spot in the garden that was the best,
The broken wing never did let him fly
But now his spirit will soar in the sky.

copyrightę2008 Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170

Now they say seagulls are the old dockers, so when I see a seagull I think of my Dad.

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