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Here Comes the Future

Here comes the future
full of sunshine and light,
dark clouds and rain
She's full of hope...She's full of pain
 with her smiling frown
and her sweet and bitter taste
She's full of lonely nights...
She's full of beautiful days...
as she walks gingerly down that path of light
carrying the laughter and the cries in her face...
sometimes taking the children before their time,
looking at her hands before she grinds...
   bearing in mind
She moves with strength,
overthrows today's voice without foe or friend
She brings happiness and sorrow
when she makes girls into women and turns boys into men
 She's passionate and bold,
 she moves like the wind
She stirs up holiness...She stirs up sin...
She's limited and boundless,
Stretches beyond the sky
    She says,
She's the beginning of the end,
    worth more than gold
The sides of her pockets are filled with souls
She brings clouds of love and skies of pain
 She stops the ruthlessness
  when she controls the rain
She passes out blessings and stirs up strife
 She brings liberty and injustice
  to get a spark from life
Here comes the future full of victories and failures of man
She's a sightless wonder controlled by God's own hand
    but she walks in joy and sorrow...
For she carries the scripts of tomorrow

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James


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Here Comes the Future