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Upon adolescence Abi and I sat on the floor
Knee to knee and he told me that my destiny
Was to live a life of victory
Which also may include serving a life sentence
In the Florence Colorado super max penitentiary
He explained to me," in ameriKKKa upon
Birth son, you were designated the Number One
Public Enemy"
I said, "Abi, you taught me to believe in
Allah, His Angels, His Messengers, the life
After death, the predestination of good and
Evil and to believe in and live by the book
So, how could I ever go astray or be labelled
Public enemy number one a felon or a crook?"
Son, the ameriKKKan government is a
Manifestation of the Shaytan ... and they
Consider strong belief in Allah to be a crime
You are a hardcore Muslim, you're male,
Articulate and an African Black
You can bet... in ameriKKKa you are
Seen as a threat
That's the reason you are Public Enemy
Number One, vilified and hated;
A threat to national security that must
Be eliminated
I was a Jawala scout and graduated
From Ra'ad... now being an Imam is my job
And I find myself under surveillance like
John Gotty and the mob
Well, this is the hand that has been dealt to me
Victory or death is my destiny, And if I'm
For real like Imam Jamil,
It may mean a life sentence in the Florence
Colorado super max penitentiary
We benefit from the good we earn… from
Allah we come and to Allah is the Return
So, I accept my destiny, the reward of
Victory or paradise for an eternity


Abu Lateef


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