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Stone Solid

Your words,
I almost believed them
As I sat
Stone solid
On your couch
While your barrage
Of negativity
Was spit into my face.
They sunk in deep,
Past the bone,
Into the marrow,
Making badness
A part of
My genetic makeup.
My hands cover
My face and I spew
Flaws all over the
Living room floor.
Your life reminds
Me of why I stay
Away from circuses.
How funny,
That while you
Tell me my
Worth in words,
All I can think about
Are all the times
You looked to me for
Help, love and support.
I bleed for
Many reasons,
But I refuse to
Bleed for you.
Contrary to your beliefs,
I was not
Sitting silent
Because I knew you
Were right;
I was sitting silent
In hopes that
You would run out of
Nasty words
To hurl at me.
I am not so
Stupid, in that
I could believe your
Rusted anger.
I was stupid because
I let you have
Your say,
And kept mine
Ziplocked for later.

February 20, 2008

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Stone Solid

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