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 The definitive wo is WHOA Nelly BOZO. English
Variant of who.
1.          A falconer's call to a hawk.
2.          A call to cause a horse to slow down or stop; whoa.
3.          Example One:      WO HAWK.
4.          Example Two:      WO horse.
5.          Example Three:   WHOA HAWK.
Example Four: WHOA HORSE.
1.          Humorous example: WHOA NELLY BOZO. Just who was Nelly? Nelly Furtado Lead and background vocals, acoustic guitar BOZO the clown get down listening to the badest licks around When BOZ was referring to Nelly he was trying to calm him down. WHOA Bozo whoa Nelly. What a clown. Woe= Woe (pronounced Wey) is a small rural town in Ghana's Volta region near the larger town of Keta. Located at 5 49' 60 N, 0 58' 0 E, It is a peaceful place whose economy relies heavily on fishing. The most notable landmark is a large lighthouse on the beach that guides ships away from what is believed to be a massive underwater mountain. The people of Woe are reputed to be very kind and love foreigners. There are a few NGOs stationed in Woe, one being Cross-Cultural Solutions. The people of Woe speak both English and the local dialect of Ewe. Woe. N. Deep distress or misery, as from grief; wretchedness. See synonyms.
2.          Misfortune; calamity: economic and political woes. interj.  Used to express sorrow or dismay. Oh wey oh wey they caused me sorrow they caused  me grief they erased the way eye think oh woe oh woe the shores of  English speaking people come the Britannia of love the outhouse of dismay is changed to lighthouse of replay the songs ewe love.
3.          whoa, woe 'wO 3 this is called a homophone.

          A homophone is a
           group of two or more letters representing the same speech sound, or
in this case it is a and e and o.
4.          Homonym is a word that has the same pronunciation as another but differ in spelling meaning and origin.
The exemplar is ewe and yew. SHE and EYE.  HER AND MEE. We three.
          A homograph is word that has the same spelling as another. Homographs differ from each other in
origin, and
Sometimes pronunciation.
5.          Wo and wo. Them and They.
The gang was going in for the store the pumps was turned off automatically the counter person who was gay had already dumped the money in the safety floor. Wo the gang they come inside the store. NO money honey the clerk ran out the door the clock struck the bandit on the chin. WO it was them. The gang went home the dock was closed they slept outside in the rain again.
OH woe is they and them oh wo oh wo. Nelly was Bozo the Clowns Granny.
Woe be to me iff eye cannot fathom the truth upon the interneted youth the world wide wedded web. BOZO rhymes with WO woe whoa and wo. Whoa Nelly Grammar.

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