Beautiful Disaster

Sweet Dreams

“Excuse me, Miss,”
He said with a smile
Would you be so kind
To come dance for a while

Her hand gently in his
As he lead the way
Both too mesmerized
Too know what to say

How could he ever tell her
About the sparkle in her eye
And the way he shakes
Whenever she walks by

What words could describe
 The feelings she felt
And the way that his touch
Could always make her melt

Lost in forgotten melodies
Everything else seemed so small
And for one moment in time
The forgot it all

They forgot about the hurt
Buried deep in their heart
And they forgot about the conflicts
That were tearing them apart

They forgot about the cliches
And all the barrier came down
Everyone came together
As they danced round and round

What appeared to be
No longer mattered
All preconceptions; judgements

But the music slows
And the people begin to fade
Until you are left alone
A dream's sweet serenade

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