Constructive Criticism

Poetry is subjective and can be written how you like;
There are many different ways in which to write.

You can put it down as prose or create some double rows,
Triangles, squares etc. are alright.

I had feedback yesterday from a person with no name;
I guess most of you have had some too.

He said my poetry's bad, archaic and awfully RANK;
But I don't write for him, I write for some of you.

Constructive criticism is welcomed by us all
To help us all achieve a higher goal.

To knock for knockings sake is very bad indeed
It makes a normal person less than whole!

If you have something to say, make sure you give a rock
To the person you wish to criticise.

Give them helpful hints; you'll find that the response
Will illuminate from their grateful eyes!

Copyright Robert Cartwright-Davidson April 2008

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Constructive Criticism

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