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 The Grey Squirrel Who Wanted To Be Red
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There once was a Grey squirrel, who wished he was red
It was an obsession that would end up, with him being dead
Every single second of his Grey squirrel day
He hated what he was, a squirrel who was Grey
He became bitter and twisted towards his friends
For Grey was boring, who'd follow their trends?
The red squirrel was loved and respected
But Greys were different, they were somehow infected
His Friends and told him that it was only a colour
And that red and Grey squirrels were as different as one another
But he felt like an outcast for his views, he became obsessive and mad
Wishing for something he could never have had
One-day, one beautiful Autumn crisp clear morning
He finally had enough of being boring
He saw his friend climbing a tree nearby
So he rushed up and bit him straight in the eye
His friend fell to the floor and smashed his head
His Grey fur now was now soaking with his blood, he looked rather red
The squirrel, smirked and went to rub himself in his friends blood
With his face now red, he left his friend dead in the mud
He soon came across another friend he knew
His friend looked at his friends face and asked 'what happened to you?'
He was answered back by having his face bitten and scratched
He was killed quickly as he wasn't expecting to be violently attacked
The squirrel rubbed his chest in the blood and now he was half red
But he didn't stop here, he went on to find more victims instead
He saw another Friend of his, who also stopped to ask what had he done?
He didn't ask anymore questions as he too ended up like the last one
Now the squirrel was almost red with the blood of his friends
All he needed now was to have his tail red. And that would tie up loose ends
He ventured deeper into the woods and he soon came across an old Grey squirrel
This, he thought would be an easy kill
The old Squirrel looked at the young one covered in blood
Coming through the undergrowth between the Rose Bud
Killing now had become easy, for soon he'd be what he wanted to be
But the old squirrel saw madness in the young ones eyes, he saw insanity
As the young squirrel approached, he went for the kill
But he didn't see the rose bushes thorns, as it cut him, he let out a shrill
The old squirrel ran high up into the tree, and on the branches he lay
But the crazy blood soaked squirrel sprang up on his prey
Yet he lost his footing as his hind-leg was badly cut
And as he smashed his head on the rock below his eyes slowly shut
Blood ran into his fur covering him all in crimson red
The old squirrel looked down at the dead squirrel in the flower bed
But it was what happened later that day
That made all the squirrels learn about the price he did pay
"You can't change who you are" is what they did say
Later that night it rained, washing away his blooded fur and leaving him Grey!

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