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The kisses lemone oh so sweet
The kisses lemone oh so sweet
The kisses lemone oh so sweet
The kisses lemone oh so sweet


There is my holdings my vineyards in Franco
The eye waves flies off of his wine
While making millions of euro dollars
While ewe aer always reining Qyeen
The kisses lemone oh so sweet
Only in my fantasy wine is never sour
 Away the hour enthrall love ewe
CharlaX Millions making fables true bend
Holding love above the real life
Holding love inside the inside
Holding love upon the morrow
Holding love without mye sorrow
Holding love to be the marrow
Holding love above the dollar.


The grapes were used though lemone added mix
A thing unheard in all the land
The regent came to me anon to ask
CharlaX why the wine would sec sit
Tis for the love violette eye bend
The lemone fragrance doth remind the eye
The wine is never bitter then
The love much more imported avec bien
Love holding more than love can tell
Love holding odoring the smell
Love holding like the fetterments
Love holding like a taste of her
Love holding only love anon
Love holding after we aer gone.


There is a mission now upon the corner
Near the water they do stay there
All the homeless wander there they live safe
They have laoaves fishes sec vino
No one hungars no ones cold
No one misses world so bolder older
No worldly pleasuer can compare
Working harder now than ever fables quake
Hold me loving hold me closer
Hold me loving je embrasser
Hold me magistrate ragon Qyeen
Hold me merry happily long
Hold me sensually loving
Ruling the vineyard sun love song


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