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I said show me some love,show me some love.
She said,
first show me the money. I said,let me
take a closer look at what you're shukkin honey.
and show me what you're gonna show me
She said,first show me, then I'll show you.

Show me,
then I'll show you.
Show me,,then maybe baby, I might just show you,
a trick or two, too
A trick or two,
a hip,slick, quick pick, trick or two.
What kind of mettle must I be  made of?
First, show me the money,, then,I'll show you
some love. 
show me,
and I'll show you.
Show me and I'll show you.
Show me then, maybe baby,I might just show you,
a trick or two.
a trick or two
a walking stick, hip,slick, trick or two.

Apologize to that cash machine
What chu gonna do with all that money Eugenie. Eugene.
Gettin too friendly with them tin horned fellas.
a li'l too cozy with their automated tellers.,
So, show me, and I'll show you,
show me,and I'll show you,
show me, then maybe baby,I'll 
show you what I'm gonna
 show  you.
What's it gonna be next time around, around
Ms. Turn around,
love or money
love or money
love or money honey
How deep does your water flow 
get down to it 
And hit me with
what about you
I need to know.

All editing and publishing Rights reserved as is by this author.

Re-edited 1/29/2023 @ 9:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

Buddy Bee Anthony

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How Deep Does Your Water Flow



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