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Young or old, meek, mild mannered or
Militantly bold and pugilistically inclined
Form your ranks in straight lines.
In this life or the next one cannot lose
When it is the Sunnah of Muhammad,
They dare to choose. With the vicissitudes
Of life, one will inevitably encounter strife
But "Deen Up" and carry on because
One cannot lose ... when it is the
Sunnah of Muhammad they dare to choose.
Dar ul Harb will be vanquished by the
Forces of Dar ul Islam when behind
Imam Mahdi the believers stand,
In defense of what is right … they prepare
For the fight and battles that lie ahead …
Some will live as others lie dead,
Victory while on Earth or Paradise in the
Future life … In the shadow of Muhammad
One cannot lose ... When jihad against
The ways of unbelief is the path they dare to


Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2008

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