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   DANG is a disambiguaity disambiguas???? hahahah
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   Look up dang in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Dang (or Đặng) is a Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian or German surname.
   Dang, in American English is a slang, and is a euphemism for damn, similar to darn.
   Dang may also refer to: Dang, Nepal, a Southern District in Rapti Zone.
   Dang Deokhuri District Nepal. Same as the above, duplication.
   Dang District, India
    This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Retrieved from ""
   Category: Disambiguation
   DISamBIGuOUS interpretations.  DANG boy. HAHAHAH
OH Dash it oh DAMN it oh DANG it. It rally does seem to have only one meaning until you realize in some foreign countries it is a surname. CharlaX Dang NU see hahahah see eh??? See ewe. ...with ideas about how to get the community back on its feet. Duc Dang, a 53-year old building contractor, suggested that the dozen...People would come
back even without electricity,'' Mr. Dang said. ''All we need is a city water tank.'' Another group... ...the temporary help that is available. Cam Vo, 34, who rode out the hurricane aboard the Sea Lion with her husband, Dap Dang, and their 5-year-old daughter, Anne, said the storm destroyed their house. ''When we came home, our house was gone...
  Người Đà Nẵng thân thiện
  C̣n nhớ: Hơn 5 năm trước.
Khi mới đến Đà Nẵng, có một buổi chiều, trong cái nắng như rang, bắt gặp một bà cụ ngồi trước một thúng ớt bột, gương mặt nhăn nheo ướt đẫm mỗ hôi giữa chợ Cồn, tôi đă mua hẳn 20.000 đồng (một bịch to).Về nhà, dầu không  hay ăn ớt, tối đó tôi đă trộn ớt với nước mắm mà chan cơm. Ớt Quảng Nam cay thấm thía (đúng là ớt thiệt). Không biết v́ ớt cay quá hay v́ h́nh ảnh bà cụ bán hàng xong loay hoay mở cái kim găm trên túi áo trong, rỗi mở tiếp mấy bọc nilon nữa để cất tờ tiền, xong lại bỏ vào túi găm lại mà nước mắt tôi cứ thế chảy ṛng ṛng.Tôi nhớ mẹ.
    DANG da nang. When the Ector County district approved the council's curriculum, the suit said, the district's director of curriculum and instruction, Shannon Baker, celebrated the decision in an e-mail message, which read in part, "Take that, you dang heathens!" About 40 students at two high schools, Odessa and Permian, take the course as an elective, Mr. Mendez said. According to the suit, the course material treated "the story of the creation, the life of Noah and his ark," among other things, as accurate historical statements. DANG we now knoe that the ARK is there the pictures cannot lie the big wooden ship is stuck inside that ice upon the ARARAT mount. DATELINE news FLASH: DANG, Nepal: Airport Code: DNP
Airport Name: Dang (?)
Runway Length: 2800 ft. (?)
Runway Elevation: 2139 ft. (?)
City: Dang (?)
Country: Nepal (?)
Country Abbrev. : NP (?)
Airport Guide: Unavailable
Longitude: 82° 19' 0" E (?)
Latitude: 28° 7' 0" N (?)
World Area Code: 755 (?)
GMT Offset : -5.8 (?)
 The website is uncertain of its own facts eye sent them a link to the poetry let them eat fables oh Nepal eye love the people of Nepal said Eddie Murphy eye love them all says CharlaXDANGnu. Concerns received from the General Secretary of the Church of North India today eye find it very disconcerting that they think JESUS was some tribal member in the past suffering his fate in INDIA. Some sort of evangelism would be welcomed at this point to instruct the heathen just tell them basic 101 Christianity says that JESUS was a Hebrew Jew he lived and died in Roman rule of places he visited like Old Jerusalem. A little south of India. DANG Indians. Just teasing ewe it's all just part of the fabel.

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