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Newton's Law
There rally ought to be a law agin it.
 All my life eye have heard old men say this adage there should really be a law. There is some great substance here inn this statement just like meat left hanging on a bone for a fox hound to find and lose his sent to fox his nose is buried deep in a strang hole and he is chewing now some lofty purpose.  Today the eye is eating Fig Newton's. Eye just went to Nabisco website and eye cannot find the fig kind of Newton. This is so strang eye decided to share it with the readers of the gentile yew.
Blueberry Apple NEWTONS® Crisp
20 min           1 hrs 25 min           7             
Crunchy FIG NEWTONS® Chicken Salad Roll-Ups
10 min           1 hrs 10 min           6             
FIG NEWTONS® Carrot Cake
10 min           1 hrs 38 min           8               
20 min           20 min           4               
FIG NEWTONS®-Topped Sweet Potato
5 min           10 min           4               
Ham & Cheese-Topped NEWTONS®
5 min           5 min           3               
Lowfat Bran Muffins with FIG NEWTONS®
10 min           35 min           9             
Neopolitan Trifle
20 min           4 hrs 20 min           8               
NEWTON® Baked Apples
20 min           1 hrs 15 min           7               
NEWTON® Monster Pops
20 min           20 min           8               
NEWTONS® Muffins
10 min           30 min           7             
No-Time-at-All FIG NEWTONS® Hot Cereal
5 min           6 min           4             
Nutty NEWTONS® Apple Roll-Up
5 min           5 min           4               
PB & Fig Smoothie
5 min           5 min           6             
Pretty-In-Pink Dip
15 min           15 min           5               
Quick FIG NEWTONS Parfait
5 min           5 min           3             
Quick Fig Pastries
15 min           25 min           4               
You-"CAN"-Do-It FIG NEWTONS® Peach Cobbler
5 min           5 min           4               
 Prep Time: The hands-on time spent preparing the recipe.
Total Time: Total time to complete the recipe, including prep time, cooking, refrigeration, baking, etc.
 There is eighteen different kinds of Newton's but not the original fig. But that is not so strang as first discerned iff eye had a winner of a product no one would have the recipe the thing is still sitting in the mayo jar on Funk and Edger's porch. Eye was interested in the sugar used the amount of caloric investment eye am making to the health of my JESUS body. This was so interesting eye am sharing it with ewe. Look at number 6 the ham and cheese on top fooled me but that is what the Newton fig looks like just visualize the thing without the ham and cheese on top and there ewe have it. FIG.

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