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Dream Offering

In the quiet hush,
I listen for the last breath of day.
My senses quake with anticipation.
Dreams, I pray come forth to me
Upon the luminescent arms of twilight
Birthed from my very heart
To gift the world, a vision
Of the one that lives within me
He is the sole traveler upon
My very dreamscapes

As the evening floats in, night wing
His soft temptations beckon me closer
My heart follows his enchanters' call
Leaps at the very whisper of my name.
I am comforted by his heartbeat
A gentle sanctuary for me alone

Stand before me, he does now
As I lay my dream offering
At his waiting feet
I am filled with hope that I..
May dry his tears of longing.
Place in their stead
Tender crystals of purity, of love

As my arms fall, hands shaken...
I await his acceptance
that we may become as one
To wake the morn as souls bound
Within the magnificent
Tethers of love.


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Dream Offering