Tattoos in Mayberry

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If someday they'd address me
with an E after the Sir
I'd first declare the Pope a girl
then, I'd take the cure
Wouldn't it be fine to call the Pontiff
L'il, Momma for a change
If  I'm annointed  King
there's much to re-arrange
I'd stamp out mass corruption
let prisoners go free
Lock zoo keepers
down in public zoos
where the animals could come and see
I'd make love to every beauty
who had ever caught my eye
No birds would live in guilded cages
Mandate all junkie's to stay sky high
A leading elder statesman
oh, to be the boss of you
It wouldn't be at all unusual
for Chuck to marry Drew
Now, if homosexuality
is not of your desire
Maids and maidens off to Royal Chambers
we'd retire
If it should come to light
my powers do indeed corrupt
Please, don't hesitate
to tell me all about it Judas krupps.
As for now
I'll do my level best
to get along with you
til Royal Guards
with Royal Swords
commence to run you through

Buddy Bee Anthony

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